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As Customers’ Needs Change, So Should Retailers

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As Customer's Needs Change, So Should Retailers StrasGlobal

C-Store owners continue to face various pressures.  From new competitors and formats, to assortment changes and keeping up with the latest marketing and technological advancements, it’s not easy to keep up with the shifting landscape. Consumer preferences are also changing and recent trends indicate a preference for healthier food options and environmentally friendly products. Consider […]

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If There is One Constant in Business, It’s Change 

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If There is One Constant in Business, It's Change StrasGlobal

Newspaper and Internet headlines are filled with corporate earnings and reviews, policy updates and changes, and general unrest for the employees and investors at any given company. Most companies are in the business of making a profit and when the standard methods of arriving at said profit aren’t enough, drastic action may be required.   Read on to delve into some of the recent market changes that could have an impact on […]

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3 Basics to Exceed Customer Expectations

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3 Basics to Exceed Customer Expectations StrasGlobal

Exceeding customers’ expectations may be the one thing all retailers strive to do. But what if providing a clean facility, friendly service and well stocked shelves isn’t enough? What if your customers are judging you on more than just the customer service experience? Well, some are.   Some customers are looking beyond the shiny objects and smiling faces and looking at factors such as sustainability, environmental […]

Distressed Assets

StrasGlobal draws on 60 Year Heritage in Convenience and Small Format Site Management to Solve Problems for Distressed Assets Managers

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StrasGlobal Draws On 60 Year Heritage

Temple, TX, July 20, 2018 – StrasGlobal CEO Roy Strasburger announces services dedicated to distressed asset protection and asset performance. The leading choice since 1997 for global oil brands, distressed assets managers, real estate lenders and private investors seeking a complete, turnkey retail management solution, StrasGlobal “reflects the trust that has been placed in our […]

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3 Areas of Opportunity in Most C-Stores

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3 Areas of Opportunity in Most C-Stores StrasGlobal

The digital revolution may be upon us; however, customers are still shopping brick and mortar locations. While grocery and mass merchants may see a shift (albeit small) from traditional shopping to on-line, c-stores have the advantage of people traveling. C-Stores play an important role in customers’ daily lives and this is amplified during the summer months.   Read on to find 3 areas of opportunity where c-store owners […]

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How to Make Vacant Retail Space Profitable

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How To Make Vacant Space Profitable StrasGlobal

As defined by, opportunity cost is: a benefit, profit, or value of something that must be given up to acquire or achieve something else. Understanding the principles of opportunity cost should get any business person amped up about making a profit on vacant retail space. We’ve all seen it, a vacant retail space in […]