3 Areas of Opportunity in Most C-Stores

3 Areas of Opportunity in Most C-Stores StrasGlobal

The digital revolution may be upon us; however, customers are still shopping brick and mortar locations. While grocery and mass merchants may see a shift (albeit small) from traditional shopping to on-line, c-stores have the advantage of people traveling. C-Stores play an important role in customers’ daily lives and this is amplified during the summer months.  

Read on to find 3 areas of opportunity where c-store owners can capitalize on their inherent advantages.  

1. Foot traffic – The summer is here! Customers will be coming through your doors – it’s important to ensure they want to come back. Be sure your shelves are fully-stocked, your product is merchandised and your stores are clean and well lit. These basics can sometimes go overlooked when the footsteps increase, especially as the weather turns for those in seasonal climates. Be sure to stay consistent and offer your customers the service they have come to expect.   

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2. Less red tape – When comparing c-stores to competitive channels (drug, grocery, mass, etc.) it’s clear that there are many differences. One potential difference is the sheer number of locations and levels of management within the organizations. Considering Walmart operates over 5.3K stores in the US, or that Kroger operates over 3.8K stores within the states, it may be fair to assume that your C-Store has less sites in operation. That has the potential to be a great benefit.

Utilizing your size to be more nimble and flexible to meet customer demands could pay dividends. Ensure you’re asking your customers what they want and be sure to adjust on the fly to support their needs. Strasburger Retail can help uncover your customer’s needs and expectations with a market review. Lean on them so your customers can continue to rely on you.

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3. Square Footage – While this one may present challenges as well, there is a good chance your c-store has limited ‘dead space’. Think of it this way, for those who choose to live in tiny houses, they are forced to use every square inch of space. The same holds true for c-store operators. While your location may have less square footage than the big box store down the street, you have the ability to maximize sales from every square foot.  

Additionally, there are fewer (if any) areas in your facility that customer’s might miss. Consider limited space a positive attribute and ensure that you’re maximizing every square inch. StrasGlobal can help you complete a line review of your current assortment to validate you’re merchandising as efficiently as possible.  

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