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is a proprietary operational mission and processes focused on Safety, Systems, and Sales that ONLY StrasGlobal can provide.

Retail Site Operations

StrasGlobal offers site owners an industry-leading suite of retail site operations and management services that you can trust to improve your efficiency and profitability.


Site Operations

StrasGlobal provides a complete turn-key retail operations package for the site owner. We do everything – staffing, accounting, operations, prepared food-to-go, marketing, IT, shrink control – as much or as little as you need.

Our Site Operations business model helps lenders responsible for managing assets, property owners who want a professional retail business without the daily headaches that come with operating the sites, and long-term investors who don’t want to take the time and expense to set up a retail organization and infrastructure.


Dealer Supervision

If you have a network of dealer or tenant sites but don’t have the time or manpower to adequately oversee and manage their business, StrasGlobal will do it for you.

Under our dealer site supervision these sites run the way they should. StrasGlobal will set up a regular schedule of dealer site visits, create a list of tasks to do on site (collect rent, review fuel pricing strategy, business inspection, image compliance, inspect on-site environmental record keeping compliance, prepared food program, business training and coaching), perform competitive price surveys, and provide critical on-site counseling to the operator on your behalf.

Staffing Services

Labor is the retail industry’s #1 issue. StrasGlobal provides full labor management services including hiring, training, scheduling and managing all ongoing human resource needs.



StrasGlobal engages with/owns all levels of staff from executives to hourly employees that fill existing gaps. We provide on-the-job coaching and mentorship until client staff is self-sufficient. Key benefits to the client:

  • StrasGlobal employees report to client, but remain on our payroll
  • Flexibility of employee replacement or removal as needs change
  • Our employees are dedicated to your brand and culture
  • We deliver the customer service experience that keeps your customers coming back


Mentoring Program

StrasGlobal mentors provide regular hands-on training and assistance on a scheduled basis. Mentors are experienced retail professionals that work with store managers and staff based on your business needs and strategy.


Training Programs

StrasGlobal provides employee training focused on specific areas as determined by the client’s strategy. Key aspects of this approach to training include:

  • Comprehensive and practical topics and instruction
  • Presented by retail professionals with c-store operations experience
  • Programs are designed to answer real-world questions that face operators

Accounting Services

If you own a retail business and need a state of the art accounting program but don’t want to spend the money or time, StrasGlobal can provide you with daily accounting services for one site or 300 sites.


StrasGlobal offers best-in-class accounting solutions that let small format retailers focus more time on their customers. We use PDI (Professional Solutions, Inc.) store accounting software, one of the largest providers of accounting software and systems in the convenience store industry, also providing accounting software well suited for small operators. 


We will provide all of the daily accounting reports, P&L statements, General Ledger, A/P, A/R, bank reconciliations, and even a payroll department for your sites.  It is a hassle-free way to keep track of your business without spending the time and money to do it yourself.

Retail Consulting

StrasGlobal provides consulting and advising services directly to retail owners – providing them with the opportunity to leverage our extensive knowledge and expertise to improve overall site efficiency and profitability.


StrasGlobal offers retail owners the opportunity to leverage our expertise on your terms. We act as a business partner to optimize key areas including:

  • Marketing / Merchandising
  • Site Operations
  • Labor Management
  • Prepared Food-to-Go Programs

Dealer Pro

Is your dealer network creating more pain than it is worth?  StrasGlobal provides a fully transparent professional dealer retail operations program.


You no longer deal with all the issues around fuel payments, environmental compliance, prepared food-to-go program execution, image standards, or facility management.  In addition, our fee-based program is not covered by PMPA regulations.

Rapid Retail

Our Rapid Retail program is available for landowners and property managers who have vacant space in their strip center, malls and power centers.  StrasGlobal can turn vacant retail space into a vibrant customer experience.


On short notice we can provide a menu of retail options to insert into the space eliminate empty and blacked out store fronts, maintain foot traffic in the area, and deliver the desired customer service experience that keep customers coming back.

Kiosk Korner

Do you have an office building, apartment complex, or a college dorm that needs a professional retail offer for your employees, tenants, or residents? StrasGlobal offers a range of institutional solutions that will fit your needs and any building’s space restrictions.


Our approach is to provide fresh, healthy, and local products to our customers so that they are happy, healthy, and more productive. With our fee-based program we can go into any size space and provide you with a retailer offer that will excite you and your customers!


StrasGlobal has performed as a Receiver, or worked with an appointed Receiver, in several states. We provide industry standard operations with a transparency that makes it easy to provide reports and creditor committee updates.

Business Evaluations

StrasGlobal can provide a business evaluation that looks at location, competition, quality of facility, and current retail practices at the site to provide you with projections as to how well the site should be performing.

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