Top 10 Considerations When Selecting a Retail Site Management Service

Top 10 Considerations When Selecting a Retail Site Management Service StrasGlobal

You’ve looked around; you’ve done your research. You know that there are a few different options when it comes to outsourcing retail site management. It may also be fair to say you’ve narrowed your search down to just a few. Let us help you complete your due diligence.

Here are the top 10 considerations when choosing a retail site management service:

1. Customer service – Above everything else, find a partner that will put you and your business first. At StrasGlobal, customer service has always been our number one priority and will continue to be our primary focus. We’ve been on both sides of the desk and understand the value of a win-win relationship. We work for the long game, not just the quick win.

2. Industry knowledge – Choose a partner with a wealth of experience. With over 60+ years managing convenience stores, QSRs, car washes, quick lubes and other small-format coffee and food-to-go shops we have experience on our side. This experience will start working for you on day 1.

3. Support system – Seek support ranging from the most remedial tasks to those that require years of training and experience. At StrasGlobal, we can help you choose the right software to operate your facilities, negotiate fuel costs or even mentor your newest talent.

4. Innovative solutions – Trust a partner that has evolved with the competitive landscape. StrasGlobal offers innovative solutions to our clients before they might see the need for them. In a world of ever changing offers, layouts and designs, StrasGlobal is at the forefront of the these changes.

5. Adaptable to your business – Don’t settle for a cookie cutter approach. With decades of evolving and engaging experience, StrasGlobal is able to support single store locations as well as multiple facilities and chain operations. We adapt to your business needs so you win.

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6. Institutional solutions – Find an all-inclusive service. With Kiosk Korner we aim to provide fresh, healthy and affordable offerings to office buildings, apartment complexes or even college dorms. With this fee-based program we can support any size retail location with offerings that will entice your customers to buy with you.

7. Quick movers – Select a service that can help you turn a profit quickly. Do you have vacant retail space or storefronts that have gone dark? In short order, we can help you transform that space into the vibrant retail space you desire and we can do it quickly!

8. Analytical perspective – Choose a solution that goes beyond the end-user experience. Strasburger Retail can help manage and analyze your data to derive trends and patterns to enrich your business.

9. Accounting support – Be sure your partner utilizes industry-leading financial tools and resources. Regardless of the number of sites your business has, Strasburger Retail can handle the accounting requirements. Utilizing one of the largest providers of accounting software and systems in the convenience store industry, we will ensure your books are in order and easy to comprehend.

10. Staffing services – Don’t underestimate the positive impact of investing in staffing and training. StrasGlobal provides the complete package when it comes to your staffing needs. From recruitment to training and mentoring, StrasGlobal has your staffing needs covered.

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For 35 years StrasGlobal has represented the best of the convenience industry’s entrepreneurial spirit and drive for innovation – providing turnkey small format retail site contract operations, staffing services, accounting services and retail consulting to companies large and small.

Contact us to learn how StrasGlobal leads the industry in each of these key areas, and how we leverage them to improve your business.