COVID-19 General Resources

The individuals and companies listed on this page provide various solutions to the COVID-19 problem. StrasGlobal does not endorse nor recommend any of these companies. We may, or may not, use their services or products. Please do your own due diligence before entering into a relationship with anyone listed on this page. We are offering this information solely as a public service caveat emptor .

  • Abierto: Digital signage to communicate your critical messaging.
  • A list of companies (PDF) that offer cleaning and sanitizing services and supplies for both inside the store and the fuel island.
  • Annuity.orgThis guide from walks you through all of the major financial challenges caused by COVID-19 and how to overcome each one so you can help your business recover.
  • Apter Industries: Industrial and Commercial cleaning products.
  • Clean Harbors: Coronavirus (COVID-19) Decontamination and Disposal Services. Secure Disinfection of Virus-infected Sites
  • COMPLIANCE SAFE is a software service that manages your permit, license and certification renewals process leaving you one less thing to worry about. With COMPLIANCE SAFE, your documents stay protected, organized and up to date – so your business stays in compliance and your doors stay open.
  • Corporate ID Solutions – a sign manufacturer based in Chicago – has put together signage and protection screen products to help C-stores in response to Covid-19.  You can find these items at their online store.
  • Daktronics is looking to assist businesses in effectively messaging to their communities about how they can support them with free content assistance to LED sign owners. This content is beneficial for any business that wants to promote awareness to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.
  • R3 Continuum is a global leader in behavioral health and security solutions for workplace well-being. Disruptive Event Management. Front Lines: COVID-19 Organizational Leadership Resources.
  • Savilino (made the fabric masks for StrasGlobal): For the last 10 years Savilino has been a very small crew with a handful of dedicated workers designing and crafting custom aprons, uniforms, and leather goods for some of our favorite restaurants and hotels across the country. With the outbreak of COVID-19 we have halted our normal production. We thought about how we could help and refocused our tailoring expertise to handcraft non-medical fabric face masks for the communities in which we live. We are grateful to be able to use our skills and networks to help in a time of need as well as employ local tailors and sewers who would otherwise be out of work.
  • What3Words Location Technology: what3words is a free technology tool that makes it easy to talk about location. It has divided the world into 10’x10′ squares, and given every square a unique 3 word address. So whether you need to communicate a specific parking spot, a store entrance, or where exactly deliveries should be left, you can now do it in just three words. For instance, ///bubble.train.secretly is the what3words address for the front door of StrasGlobal’s Temple, Texas office. what3words removes the confusion and error involved with trying to describe where things are or need to go – meaning it’s one less thing your team has to worry about. Find your what3words address and see how it can help improve communication with your team at
  • WORKJAM: COVID-19 Communications Continuity Package. Realtime messaging and training for all your frontline employees. Live in 5 days across all employees and locations.
  • United Media Solutions was founded in 1988, providing on-hold messaging systems under the name Info-Hold, Inc., and utilizing endless-loop cassette tapes. In 1996, we expanded beyond on-hold messaging, and developed and patented the Info-Link overhead and on-hold music and message system with the unique ability to provide remote control of message programming and play. United Media Solutions can not only provide sound systems to play overhead music and messages, our professional staff of copywriters will write and produce these messages as a value-ad. Coupled with dozens of music channels encompassing every genre of major-label music we offer a complete turnkey solution at a price point that is typically significantly lower than our competitors.
  • Vibenomics, provider of custom streaming radio stations for retailers, launched the Audio Advertising Marketplace as a platform to generate new revenue for participating stores and help shopper marketers target customers in-store with a new form of retail media. For each campaign that participating retailers run, the Vibenomics platform relieves the cost of selling and managing ads, giving c-store operators the ability to generate profit and an opportunity to offset the traditional cost of business music licensing, according to the company.