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StrasGlobal draws on their 60-year heritage as innovators in convenience and small format site management around the world.

At StrasGlobal, our passion is applying our knowledge to successfully operate convenience stores, QSR, car washes, quick lubes, and other small-format coffee and food-to-go shops for companies large and small who don’t have the expertise, infrastructure or desire to operate them.

The name StrasGlobal better reflects what we have accomplished with our company – a global reach with global solutions. StrasGlobal provides us with a dynamic new focus that still refers to our roots.

I am extremely proud that StrasGlobal is adding value to small-format retail in good times and bad.

For more than 130 years, four generations of the Strasburger family have positively impacted the retail food industry. From a 19th century saloon to a thriving meat market, to a chain of independent grocery stores and convenience stores, to a dynamic international conglomerate of retail-related marketing and consulting services–the Strasburger passion for retail excellence continues to unfold.

The Bradstreet Business Directory (now known as Dun & Bradstreet) listed Henry Strasburger’s (Roy’s great-grandfather) grocery store in its 1884 edition. This legacy evolved into convenience store and retail fuel markets in 1967 when Tommy Strasburger (Roy’s Dad) opened Zippy Food Stores in Temple, TX, shortly followed by Arco dealerships in 1968. In 1986, Tommy discovered the opportunity for international growth in Australia and opened a convenience store chain which led to a joint venture with Mobil in Australia. Under Roy’s visionary leadership, global retail marketing and consulting services expanded to Chile, Austria, Mexico and twenty seven other countries.


After 20 years running industry-leading U.S. based Quix convenience stores, and developing and growing Convenience Management Services (CMSI) in the U.S. and around the world, Roy Strasburger bought CMSI from his family in 2012 to focus on small format retail management services in the U.S. By combining years of operations and management experience with retail, technology and operations professionals, the CMSI team became the industry leader in providing retail site operations.


In April 2018, CMSI re-branded as StrasGlobal.

As Roy puts it, “We understand ‘the art of retail’. At StrasGlobal, our passion is supplying our knowledge about how to successfully operate retail locations for companies (large and small) who, for various reasons, don’t have the expertise, infrastructure, or desire to operate them.”

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