StrasGlobal COVID-19 Response Plan

StrasGlobal Implementation of COVID-19 Response Plan


The StrasGlobal COVID-19 Implementation Review is a follow up to our COVID-19 Response Plan and looks at how that plan was implemented. We have taken each action point and strategy outlined in the Response and shown whether it was implemented or not. Furthermore, we have included additional observations made during our handling of the COVID-19 crisis. This Review provides a guide to what worked for StrasGlobal in dealing with the first two months of the pandemic.

We are now finishing Phase One (crisis management) and moving into Phase Two (maintaining health and safety precautions while focusing on increasing sales through new initiatives). Within a few months we will be in Phase Three (operating in the post-COVID-19 market). We have wound down the StrasGlobal Task Force and have formed a StrasGlobal Vision Group to help us reposition our company to meet the challenges of the next ten years. We are excited to see what StrasGlobal stores are going to look like in 2030!

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May 28, 2020 | Version 3.0

Original StrasGlobal COVID-19 Response Plan:

StrasGlobal COVID-19 Response Plan
StrasGlobal COVID-19 Response Plan

To meet the unprecedented COVID-19 situation, StrasGlobal’s Executive Team and Task Force has developed a Response plan for our stores, which we are in the process of implementing. We want to share it with the industry and other retailers who might benefit from learning how we are taking action. Note that this report is a work in progress and was created by retailers (us) rather than consultants. It is designed for an average store across the eight states we currently operate in.

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Revised April 8, 2020 | Version 9.0 

Images: CDC/ Alissa Eckert, MS; Dan Higgins, MAMS