Strange Times – More Voices: Tohid Chowdhury


We have another submission for our “more voices” series in Strange Times. Today, I am pleased to present Tohid Chowdhury. Tohid is the manager of Store 3911 in Melville, NY.

Tohid’s words:

The Corona virus is invisible to the human eye. Its spread has killed thousands of people. Humans still do not know where this virus came from, how the virus kills people and how we can protect ourselves. We know that sometimes this virus is spread by the mouth, nose, eyes, hand, ears and physical touch etc. Basically, we’re not clear about this virus, how long it will last, and how we can protect innocent lives.

21st century science has created a lot of technology; like atom, hydrogen, and neutron bombs and nuclear weapons etc. Humans think they are unreachable. They have superpowers. Whatever they think of they can do. Humans spend billions and billions of dollars to make new technology to kill people. But, wealthy nations have forgotten their morality, distinguished personality, goal and human nature. Human nature is to protect human life, not destroy it. We thought it would be easy to create new technology to make new medicine for the survival of human life. With humans thinking like this we thought we could easily face COVID-19 or any other virus. We were wrong. Nowadays, corona virus is a pandemic disease over the whole world.

At the beginning of the COVID-19, our honorable President, Roy, published “Strange Times” articles almost every day. In these articles, he basically tried to teach our team how we can run our business according to CDC guidelines. He also followed the European strategy on how he can run the business in a pandemic time. He told us that we need to use masks, gloves, apron, eye glasses, wash our hands with soap every twenty minutes, keep social distance, etc. If a customer needed personal protective equipment, we were to give it to them for free. That our store, gas pump nozzles, POS monitor and keypad needed to be clean so if an employee or customer touches the gas pump they can’t be affected with the virus. Also, we are to clean our restroom all the time, because more than hundred people every day use our restroom. So, we clean our area every day and maintain a clean environment.

I personally thank our President, because every day, when I came in our store, I read the Strange Times guidelines. My employees and me keep following the advice: clean hands with soap, use a mask, gloves, apron etc. When customer uses our ATM or Topaz machine, we give the customer gloves and a mask, and they use hand sanitizer too. So, customers are happy and feel safe to buy gas in our station. When I go home, I wash my hands with soap. Also, I tell my baby and wife to wash their hands to keep my family safe. Our company StrasGlobal does a great job for our community, because of they provide this PPE for free.

Finally, COVID-19 won’t go away in one day, a week, a month, or a year. It will stay in our life year after year. So, we need to keep maintaining social distance, use masks, gloves etc. Also we need to create a new formula to make the medicine. Government needs to give more funding to develop our science and technology departments. Humans will never fall to the COVID-19 pandemic virus. The day will come where we will have a medical treatment and be back to our normal life. And StrasGlobal will keep heading to their bright future.

Thank you, Tohid, for sharing your thoughts with us. I appreciate your support and you following our health precautions to keep our team and customers safe. You are a great example for everyone on our Team.

I encourage everyone to contribute something to the More Voices series. We want to hear from you. We are a team with many voices.

Stay well.


The opinions expressed in the More Voices submission are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of StrasGlobal.


Roy Strasburger
President, StrasGlobal