Strange Times – Community Outreach


As you know, we have been working hard to put additional protections into our stores to slow down the COVID-19 virus.  You have already seen changes such as adding sneeze guards, installing social distancing signs on the floors in the stores, limiting the number of customers in the store, providing disposable aprons and additional gloves to be worn at all times, and implementing an enhanced cleaning program, amongst other things.  We will be adding more safety precautions over the next few days.

Your safety is our first concern.  Our second concern is the well-being of our customers and the communities where we operate.  We are now ready to roll out our community outreach program to help our neighbors and the more vulnerable people that live around us.  The programs that you will soon be seeing are: discounts for seniors over the age of 60, “front of the line” privileges for seniors, and curbside delivery so that the vulnerable do not have to enter the store.

Programs that we are planning on rolling out over the next couple of weeks are: an essential bundle of products reserved for seniors, private shopping, home delivery, using StrasBucks as gift certificates, and partnering with local restaurants and businesses to sell their products and hire employees that they have had to lay off or furlough.  Furthermore we will be contacting local charities and community groups to assist them in locating people who need their help and putting up a community information billboard.

All of these programs are mentioned in our COVID-19 Response that you can find on our website here:

View StrasGlobal COVID-19 Response Plan

Please don’t worry that you haven’t received details about these new programs because we haven’t sent them out yet. You will be hearing about each program from your District Manager when the time comes for us to introduce them to your store. We are finalizing our plans for the first roll out and putting our ideas together for the rest of them. I can tell you now that we aren’t going to get it all right at the beginning and we need your feedback. We are making a lot of this up as we go along to stay ahead of the impact of the pandemic on you, our customers, and our business.

Together we are going to transform the way that we do business to meet the new reality.



Roy Strasburger
President, StrasGlobal