Rapid Retail: When You Need Tenants – Fast!

The last couple of weeks we’ve been announcing new additions to the CMSI suite of retail solutions.  Our new programs are the result of client’s requests: they have a problem and we provide a solution.  We want to make these available to you as well.

The third new program that CMSI is proud to introduce is our Rapid Retail solution.  This exciting program differs from our other programs as it focuses on retail solutions outside our normal convenience and fuel channels.

The scenario: You are the landlord or property manager for a shopping mall, power center, shopping center, or strip mall.  Due to circumstances beyond your control, you have more vacant spaces on your property than you are comfortable with.  As we all know, dead space creates a negative image for the consumer, decreases foot traffic, and makes the remaining tenants uneasy.

A call to CMSI for our Rapid Retail program will rectify the negative consequences of retail dead space.  In effect, we provide an on-demand “pop up” store for any location in the country with retail offerings that are not seasonal.

Rapid Retail is a pre-assembled retail package that we install and operate at your site on a temporary basis.  We have four concepts ready to roll out: coffee shop, yogurt store, taco stand, and a convenience store/newsagent.  When you call us, we ship the retail package that you choose to your site, start the permitting process, and commence hiring our local staff.  The CMSI team does a limited, but professional, finish out of the space and provides everything the site needs to operate – staff, furniture and equipment, signage, and product.

It’s that easy.

What was a dead space eye sore is now an active and lively retail establishment.  Customers have an additional destination and foot traffic increases for all of your tenants.

We take dead space and make it alive and dancing!

We stay in the space for as long as you want us to – 30 days, six months, or longer.  It’s your call.  Once you have found a long term tenant for the space we’ll pack up and get out of the way.

An added alternative is that we will sell our retail business to a local person, train them how to run it, and then leave them in place as your long term tenant.

We can provide this program on a national basis and will be increasing our menu of retail options soon.  You let us know what retail concept will compliment your current tenants and we will customize a program for you.

We introduced Rapid Retail at the ICSC Recon Expo this week in Las Vegas.  The positive reaction to it was overwhelming.  In working with some of our commercial clients we’ve seemed to provide the solution that many property owners, landlords, and leasing agents are looking for.

We are part of your leasing and marketing team and want to work with you to make sure that you stay at 100 percent occupancy.   Contact us to find out more about this exciting new program.