Are You Sure that Your Fuel Site is in Environmental Compliance?

We are pleased to introduce the fourth new CMSI program that we have added to our suite of retail solutions.  This tool is designed for those people who have a financial risk or liability exposure through the operation of a retail fuel site.

If you are a fuel wholesaler or jobber, a landlord of a fuel site that is being operated by a tenant, or a bank that has a fuel site as collateral, having an environmental accident is your worse nightmare.

Best case: being out of compliance will cause the site to be shut down killing business and revenue.  You can’t sell fuel.  The tenant doesn’t make enough money to make their loan payments.  All in all, not a pretty situation.

Worst case: a pollution incident can harm your neighbors, destroy your property value, and cost tens of thousands of dollars to clean up.  The regulators are on your back, the neighbors are agitated, and your site might have to be closed while the remediation and repairs are taking place.  Now things have become really bad.

So how do you protect yourself?  You might require some reporting from the operator and you rely heavily on government authorities such as state and local environmental agencies to make sure that everything is in compliance.

But do you know if the operator’s reports are complete?  By the time the regulators find that there is a compliance problem the damage may be done and you are exposed to the costs and liability.

CMSI’s Compliance Safe takes the worry out of environmental compliance.  For a small monthly subscription fee, we will store all of the property’s required paperwork on our servers.  Certificates, permits, policies, and records can be accessed by you, the operator, and anyone else who is authorized to access your secure site.  Copies of all of these valuable documents are just a few clicks away and can be printed on demand.  You are never without a paper trail of important information.

Even more importantly, we will monitor all of the information and send out regular alerts to the appropriate parties that something is due for renewal or recertification.  Never miss having a tank or line recertified, pollution insurance renewed, or operator training being current.  Knowing what needs to happen, when it must happen, and when it was done provides you with the information you need to keep things on track.

If a deadline is missed we will alert you, the operator, and any other authorized party about the specifics of the expired document.  You can take immediate action to have things resolved.  We take away the “I forgot” excuse that can cost thousands of dollars.

As an added service, operators can log their daily inventory reports and ATG testing results online with Compliance Safe.  If the operator gets behind in their record keeping we will let you know.

Forewarned is forearmed and Compliance Safe will give you the tools to stay on top of your environmental compliance issues.  Contact us and we’ll show you just how easy it is to get set up and start feeling confident.