Announcing the CMSI Accounting Package

Hi there!  We at CMSI are really excited to be rolling out three new programs and with this, and the next two posts, we will be shamelessly plugging our new services and what they can do for you.  Normally we keep the posts on this blog more focused on industry issues but, hey, it’s our website so it is appropriate to use the space to let you know what we have going on.

As you know, since you’ve come to the site, CMSI is the international leader in providing contract site operations for small format retail sites – convenience stores, fuel sites, car washes, quick lubes, fast food restaurants, and coffee shops.  Under our comprehensive program we provide everything that a site owner needs to operate a retail site: staff, training, accounting, merchandising, supplier relationships, HR and IT support, and environmental compliance programs.  A turn-key program with fixed pricing.

But what happens when you are a running a business (anything from a single site to a 200 store chain) and you need more accurate and professional accounting help than you currently have?

CMSI has your solution!  We are pleased to announce the CMSI Accounting Package.  As a separate, stand alone program, CMSI can provide full accounting services for your retail location and business.  We take care of all of the accounting functions that you need: financial reporting, creating profit and loss statements on a per store and per company basis, accounts payable and receivable functions, general ledger and balance sheets, store level accounting, bank account reconciliation, and fuel payments and accounting.  We even provide the location with a computer (with all of the necessary software pre-loaded) and hands on training for its use.

Once we have installed the pre-loaded computer at your site and completed the training, CMSI becomes your back office.  The store manager enters the daily store information, the invoices are sent to our administrative center, and we take care of the rest.  You will receive access to daily store reports, weekly sales analysis, monthly line item profit and loss statements, and end of year statements.  We can also handle your banking and account payables for your site by paying your vendors on your behalf.

In effect, you have all of the advantages of having a large accounting department handling your daily paperwork for a low fixed weekly fee per store.  No staff  or office space is necessary for you.  Our goal is to keep your overhead low and to free up your time so that you can run your business.

We’ve provided this service for companies around the United States and our clients include some of the largest financial institutions and oil companies in the country as well as single store owners and investors.  We have a solution to meet your needs regardless of the size of your business.

If you want to reduce your overhead costs and increase your productivity, call us at 512 298 0778 ext 209 or email me at