Five Reasons Retail Consultants Can Improve Your Business

5 Reasons Retail Consultants Can Improve Your Business StrasGlobal

Let’s start with the basics, not all retail consultants are created equally. The mere fact you’ve hired one for your company doesn’t mean your bottom line will improve. That said, hiring the right team could make all the difference. Read on to find out how the right retail consultants can help improve your business.

1. Fresh perspective – Regardless of how long your company has been around a fresh set of eyes is always a good thing. Understanding where the market has been and where the market is going is critical. Retail consultants that aren’t focusing on both the base business and emerging market trends/innovation are missing the full opportunity. Ensure that you’re working with a retail consultant that sees the full picture.

2. Problem solvers – The job of retail consultants isn’t that of the rest of your team. Retail consultants have a finite amount of time to review your operations and provide tangible solutions. This truncated timetable forces retail consultants to digest problems quickly and offer solutions. Working with a qualified team of retail consultants that know your business will ensure that the solutions you’re receiving are customized to your needs.

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3. Industry experts – Whether you need a more robust promotional planner or help understanding the seasonality of your locations by geography, the right retail consultants can help you garner this information and much more. Turn to a team of retail consultants that have time on their side. StrasGlobal offers more than 60-years of progressive experience in the industry so you know their guidance can be trusted.

4. Operations leaders – Understanding the ins and outs of your C-Store or other small format location is critical to making the most relevant recommendations. Ensure that you’re working with a retail consultant that has walked the walk. StrasGlobal has done just that and our ability to provide detailed and executable plans are second to none.

5. Assortment ninjas – Optimizing your floor space and validating your current item assortment is critical to being successful. Retail consultants can review your floor space and ensure the customer flow is appropriate, as well as validate the placement of your fixtures and timing of your promotions. Turn to a team that knows the market, customer base and industry to ensure you’ve got the right offerings for your customers.

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While not all retail consultants are created equal, StrasGlobal’s tenure in the field is a solid barometer of a qualified partner.

For 35 years StrasGlobal has represented the best of the convenience industry’s entrepreneurial spirit and drive for innovation – providing turnkey small format retail site contract operations, staffing services, accounting services and retail consulting to companies large and small.

Contact us to learn how StrasGlobal consulting can help you improve your retail site operations, while growing your top line revenue profitably.