Strange Times – The StrasGlobal Vision Group


Thank you for all of the hard work that you have done to bring us to this point. We are moving out of Phase One (crisis response) of the COVID-19 pandemic and into Phase Two (sales and business development). Now is the time to start adapting to the “new” reality of a COVID-19 related world while, at the same time, protecting ourselves from the virus.

I am pleased to announce the formation of the StrasGlobal Vision Group – an assembly of members from all areas of our company. The goal of the Vision Group is to position our company to meet the evolving requirements of our customers and how we operate our business over the next ten years. Our world is changing and we must change to keep up with it.

For us to be the best company that we can be, we need your help. If you have any ideas about what your customers are looking for, what we can do to be more helpful to our customers, or ideas about how we need to change the way we operate the stores or our company, please let your district manager or supervisor know. You can also send your ideas in reply to this email. You are closest to how we run our business, you know what we do every day, and we need your input.

The better we adapt to the changing needs of our customers and operating in a world with COVID-19, the stronger we become and better able to meet the next crisis.

Thank you for your help.



Roy Strasburger
President, StrasGlobal