Strange Times – Online Ordering Test


As we are entering Phase 2 of the COVID-19 period, StrasGlobal is introducing new programs and ideas in order to meet the needs of a changing customer and to increase our sales. The world is changing and we want to be ready.

I am pleased to announce that we have rolled out our first online ordering, online payment, and curbside service program. We are still in the testing stages but we have introduced the program at our store in Krum, Texas. We are using Square as our payment and ordering platform. Our customer can order any of the 100 top selling items at the store plus other essential items such as milk, bread, and groceries. Once the order is placed it can be paid for online with a credit card. The order will be ready at the store for the customer to pick it up. They can call us and we will take it to the car.

Alternatively, the customer can order their items over the phone. When the customer arrives to pick up their order, they can pay by credit card using Square and never have to leave the car. Online ordering, online payment, and curbside service provides a service for our customers who do not want to leave their car or cannot leave their car. It is safe and easy.

We will be rolling the program out to more stores over the next couple of weeks. Freshly cooked food will be added to the order menu at the stores that have kitchens. We will soon be ready to add a home delivery service in addition to the curbside. New ideas mean new customers and new sales.

We will continue to experiment and tweak these ideas and others new ones as we implement them across our network. If you have any ideas or feedback about this program as we roll it out to your store, please let us know.

Stay well.



Roy Strasburger
President, StrasGlobal