Strange Times – On to Phase Two

Dear Team,

I’m sure that you are hearing the news that some states and local governments are starting to relax their COVID-19 restrictions. I hope that their leaders are right and that the infection rate is on the decline and we won’t see another spike in reported cases and deaths from the virus. As we go through this transition, remember to keep your personal safety your number one priority – wash hands, physical distancing, clean surfaces, and wear masks and gloves. The virus is still out there and we want you to be safe.

The good news is that we have already gone through most of the challenges that re-opening businesses will face. Due to your hard work, we have created a workspace that is as safe as we can make it, reduced our team’s risk of infection, and have put a business plan into place to introduce new initiatives during the time of COVID-19. By being open during the crisis, and taking precautions, we are well placed to move into the next phase of the pandemic and operate at our best possible level.

If you know of someone who is reopening their business and wants some ideas about how to meet the COVID-19 challenge, please feel free to share our COVID-19 Response plan. The plan outlines the steps that we took to maximize safety, increase communications with our team, and help the communities that we operate in. They might find it a helpful blueprint on how to restart their business. You can find our COVID-19 Response plan on our website,, or at Let us know if we can help.

Stay well.



Roy Strasburger
President, StrasGlobal