Strange Times – More Voices


I originally created Strange Times as a means for me to be able to communicate directly with you about how StrasGlobal is dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic. I felt it was important for you to hear from me about all the new health and safety initiatives that we were putting into place – and speed was of the essence in making sure that you were getting the information on how to keep you and your families safe. I have also used Strange Times to let you know how StrasGlobal is being highlighted in the industry. It’s been a privilege to be able to communicate with you directly and I appreciate it.

However, we are a team – and a team has many voices. Over the next few weeks I will be using the Strange Times to introduce fellow team members so that they can tell you what they are thinking about and how they are experiencing life. It’s always important to get multiple perspectives on any situation and we need to hear more voices.

I will be asking folks to contribute a few words about what they do and what they think. If you would like to contribute as well, please reply to this email. There is no requirement and anyone can participate. It only needs to be between 150 – 200 words. All submissions will be edited and are subject to approval. The only rule is that whatever is published must follow our company mission statement: making life better: for our team, our customers, and our clients.

You can find past copies of Strange Times on our website here.

We all look forward to hearing from you.

Stay well,



Roy Strasburger
President, StrasGlobal