Strange Times – More Voices: A Message from Perry Kilgo, our Chief Operating Officer


Today’s Strange Times is by our Chief Operations Officer, Perry Kilgo. I’ve worked with Perry for many years in different countries. I have always admired his commitment to the industry, his retail experience, and his willingness to share his outstanding knowledge. As COO, it is Perry’s responsibility to make sure that we deliver our best retail program to our stores, customers, and clients every day. I am grateful to Perry for his hard work and leadership throughout this COVID pandemic. Perry, and his operations and marketing teams, keep us at the front of the convenience store industry.

Perry’s words:

Perry Kilgo StrasGobal

Our Mission: To make life better – for our team, our customers, and our clients.

Hello StrasGlobal family. The first thoughts I have today are “Thank you” and “We appreciate you”. We truly believe in our Mission Statement and attempt to not just achieve it but to excel in the delivery of it. Thank you frontline team members for doing all you do. We appreciate you. Thank you business partners for your support and faith in us. We appreciate you.

We are in a longer period of COVID than many expected. We have done more to protect our employees and customers than our market peers (even when they didn’t want protecting). We will continue in this role.

A short reminder that we have other challenges. Our team in South Texas is experiencing flooding due to a hurricane. Let’s be prepared for all challenges and know we will succeed. Please feel free to reach out to the management team and myself for any reason. We are here!

We thank you and appreciate you.

And thank you, Perry, for all of the hard work and effort you put into making StrasGlobal the best that we can be.

Gig ’em.


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Roy Strasburger
President, StrasGlobal