Convenience Store News Honors Roy Strasburger With Special Service Award

Roy Strasburger CSNews Service Award

 The StrasGlobal CEO helped shepherd the c-store industry through the pandemic.

TEMPLE, Texas — Convenience store industry veteran Roy Strasburger, CEO of StrasGlobal, has one guiding principle that has been translated into his company’s mission statement: “To make life better for our team, for our customers, for our clients.”

“We put those groups in that order for a very specific reason. We must have a solid team who is willing to work together to help our customers meet their needs and aspirations. Those customers will help our clients meet their goals and objectives,” he explained.

Staying true to this guiding principle, Strasburger, a fourth-generation retailer, not only shepherded his own Texas-based operations and consulting company through the pandemic, but also helped scores of small and midsized operators in the convenience channel overcome the challenges.

Realizing an industrywide need for information during the pandemic, he published and shared with the entire convenience and fuel retailing industry his company’s game plan for dealing with the safety concerns of both his workers and customers.

Strasburger followed that up by launching a content and services hub called Resources for Retailers, aimed at helping single-store owners and small operators navigate the new normal. The goal of Resources for Retailers is to expand the knowledge base around COVID-19 by sharing — in great detail — actionable items that a relatively small operator may implement.

Additionally, StrasGlobal developed a comprehensive Vaccination Plan as part of its Resources for Retailers hub. Strasburger made the entire detailed plan available on the company’s website, including supporting templates and other tools.

For these efforts, and his display of selflessness and generosity, Strasburger is the recipient of the first-ever Convenience Store News Special Service Award for meritorious service to the convenience channel. He was honored during the 35th annual CSNews Hall of Fame awards gala, held Nov. 11 in Des Moines, Iowa.

During his acceptance speech, Strasburger noted that more than 90,000 c-stores in the United States are single-store operators. For many, this industry is the American dream.

“For someone who is coming to this country, for someone who is trying to develop a business, for someone who wants a build a better life for themselves, a convenience store is the perfect opportunity,” he said, adding that his work developing Resources for Retailers helped him recognize that every one of those 90,000 stores supports a family or more.

“They are trying to make their way in the world just like everyone else,” he said. “So, how do we help the small retailers? We have a responsibility as an industry to help these people who are trying to develop their businesses, support their families, and serve their customers the same way we are trying to do through our businesses.”

The convenience store industry is not a zero-sum game, according to Strasburger.

“Helping someone out doesn’t take away from yourself,” he said. “I truly believe a rising tide lifts all boats. I think we have a responsibility as an industry to help everyone who crosses our threshold. We are stronger together if we help everyone.”

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