Announcing the CMSI Staffing Package

As I mentioned last week, we are using this space last week and the next two weeks to introduce some new CMSI programs that we are very proud of.

Last week we debuted our CMSI Accounting Package and you can read more about it on the blog post below.

Today, we are pleased to announce the CMSI Staffing Package.

One of the most difficult things about running a retail site is dealing with staff related problems.  Having staff creates numerous challenges: hiring issues, termination issues, discrimination problems, sexual harassment charges, employee theft, workers compensation issues, restricted products (tobacco, lottery, alcohol, and fuel) and appropriate training.

CMSI takes on all of these headaches for you.  Your employees become our employees and we are responsible for them. We train them to industry standards and to your specifications.  Do you have a special customer service program that you developed?  Our employees will be trained in your programs and we will execute them to your satisfaction.

In addition to the advantages mentioned above, using the CMSI Staffing Program also reduces your liability and can reduce your operating costs:

  • If an employee steals – that is CMSI’s responsibility.
  • CMSI is responsible for store inventory shrink over 1.5% of store sales.
  • CMSI is responsible for slip and fall accidents in the store that do not result from physical or facility defects.
  • We take on most of the Obamacare (ACA) responsibilities for you.
    • You don’t have to worry about paperwork, changing rules, or administrative nightmares.
    • We may be able to reduce your healthcare compliance costs by reducing your total employee count to below the 50 employee restriction. This frees you up to have much more healthcare flexibility for your remaining employees.
    • We may be able to reduce your operating costs by adding your employees to our larger pool of employees thus saving on premiums.

As you can see, we can make retail easier for you and we may be able to save you money.  Call us at 512 298 0778 ext 209 or email me at for more information.