Who are we?

I want to take some time to talk about who we are and what we do.  I know that you can find out more about us in the Services tab at the top of the page but I thought it would be good to introduce ourselves in more informal way.

Hi!  Our name is Convenience Management Services, Inc., but you can call us CMSI.  Nice to meet you.  How’s the weather where you are?  We are a group of people who love retail. We love all aspects of retail (okay, cleaning the toilets aren’t fun but, hey, it’s got to be done).  What makes us different is that we enjoy running retail sites for other people around the country and around the world.  For us, there is nothing more fun than going into a new market, meeting new people, understanding the cultural and marketing needs of the area, and improving the performance of a retail operation on behalf of someone else.

Sorry – was that a little too vague?  How about this?  Our specialty is to operate sites, on a contract basis, for people around the country who don’t want to do it themselves.  We bring with us the whole package – staffing, accounting systems, IT systems, HR policies, marketing, vendors, you name it – for a fixed fee. We can provide as much, or as little, assistance that an owner wants.

What kind of retail? We specialize in what we call “small format” retail programs, programs that are based on operational excellence and daily execution.  Examples of these are convenience stores, fuel sites, truck stops, quick lube bays, coffee shops, yogurt shops, quick service restaurants, kiosks, and small grocery stores.  (We’ve even run a bar and a massage parlor but don’t tell our mothers).

Who on earth is interested in this type of program?  Our clients fall into three broad categories: distressed asset holders (bankers and Receivers) who end up with retail sites that they can’t operate; oil companies and wholesalers who want a more professional retail offer and more revenue than they can have with dealers and franchisees; and, investors and landlords who want to own real estate and want a professional retail business but don’t want to operate it themselves.  Think of us as a retail outsourcing company.

Where do we do this?  We operate all over the country and have operated sites in many countries around the world.  We have no requirement for a minimum or maximum number of sites.  If you have one site that you would like for us to operate let us know. We’ll tell you how much it will cost and you can decide whether it is something that you want to do.  No hidden fees and no trick accounting.  We are completely up front and transparent.

Okay, I know that I said in the first post that we weren’t going to use this space to sell anything.  I may have crossed the line between giving an overview of what we do and giving a sales spiel. I’m sorry.  Some times I can’t help it.  It’s the retailer in me.

In any case, wander around our website and check out our services and team members section.  If you have any questions or want more information get in touch using the Contact Us section at the top of the page.