Strange Times – Take Care of Your Mask

By the end of today, and no later than tomorrow, you should receive your blue fabric mask. We had a mask specially made for each of our team members by a company in Austin, Texas.  While these masks are not as effective as the N95 masks you hear about, they do provide you with a level of protection better than a bandana or scarf. Bonus – they are fashionable!

This is store manager Greg Griggs and CSR Anjel Williams from store 1425 in New Orleans doing it right:

The mask is reusable and should last for several weeks if properly taken care of. Remember the basics to keep your mask as safe and effective as possible:

  • Always wear it when you are inside or around other people.
  • Do not touch the outside of your mask because that is where any viruses will be. If you touch your mask, wash your hands thoroughly.
  • If you are taking a break outside, lower your mask by lifting the top elastic band over your head. Do not pull the entire mask down as it may contaminate the inside of your mask.
  • Be careful when you take off your mask. Do not touch the outside. If you do touch it, wash your hands.
  • Clean your mask daily. Hand washing is best but you can also put it in the washing machine and dryer.

Click below for full mask cleaning and care instructions:

View Mask Cleaning Instructions

Wear your mask. Keep safe. Stay well.



Roy Strasburger
President, StrasGlobal