Strange Times – StrasGlobal Team Fund

Even though many places are starting to relax their stay-at-home mandates, times are still difficult for many members of our team. With this in mind, we have established a StrasGlobal Team Fund.

The purpose of the Fund is to help our team members who are having financial difficulties, especially if they are related to the COVID-19 crisis. For example, if a spouse has lost their job, a family member is sick, or if there is a problem paying the rent. We only have a limited amount of funds but we want to try to help by providing small grants from the fund to team members. These are not loans and do not need to be repaid.

We are hoping to collect donations from customers, team members, suppliers, and friends and family – people who want to show their thanks to you, or your store, for being open and serving your community at risk to yourselves and your family during the COVID-19 pandemic. This Fund is for all StrasGlobal team members; whether you are working in a store, in the field, or in a support capacity. All the money that we collect, 100%, will go to the StrasGlobal team.

You can visit our GoFundMe page at

If you would like to apply for a grant, please respond to this email or send an email to You can apply for a grant at any time. Your request will be subject to available funds and at the discretion of the fund committee. Please let us know your name, store location, email address, phone number, why you need a grant, and how much you would like to receive plus any other relevant information. Your request will be confidential.

Please let your fellow team members, customers, family, and friends know about the StrasGlobal Team Fund and the opportunity to contribute. Anyone can make a donation in your honor or in the name of a store and we will let you know it happened. However, if someone makes a donation in your name, the money will not be sent to you personally but will be part of the general fund.

An exception to this is that we will also be doing specific fund raising events. I mentioned earlier this week that one member of our team, Mr. Abdul Aziz Memon, from store 3904, passed away last weekend. We are raising funds for Mr. Memon’s family. If you would like to contribute to the fund for Mr. Memon’s family, then please donate through the StrasGlobal Team Fund link above and write a note in the comment section that the donation is for Mr. Memon. If you leave a message we will be sure to pass that on to Mr. Memon’s family.

Please let me know if you have any questions.



Roy Strasburger
President, StrasGlobal