Strange Times – The Fires That Burn


2020 continues to be a year of surprises – most of them unpleasant. Just two weeks ago I was letting you know about the damage that Hurricane Laura did to the homes and personal property of our Louisiana team (and we are currently keeping an eye on Storm Sally). I now need to draw your attention to our team in Oregon.

As you have no doubt heard, the fires on the west coast of the US have been roaring again this summer. What has been unusual this year is the number, and intensity, of the fires in Oregon. The Glendower Fire started north of Ashland, Oregon, and moved north towards Medford. Store 3552 is a BP located in Ashland. The good news is that all of our team are accounted for and safe. In addition, the store was not damaged during the fire as it was south of the fire. Unfortunately, at least one member of our team lost their home due to the Glendower Fire as it moved through Phoenix and Talent, Oregon and another may not be able to return to her house for a month or so. A fire is incredibly destructive. Usually, in this type of situation, nothing is left of the house except the foundation. I can’t imagine what it’s like to lose everything.

Please keep the Oregon team in mind and continue to remember our team in Louisiana who are still putting their lives back together. We are one team and we are here for each other.

We are encouraging team members to apply to the StrasGlobal Team Fund for financial assistance. To apply for funds, send a request to If you were not affected by the fires, please consider donating to the fund. You can do so at

Stay safe and stay well.


Roy Strasburger
President, StrasGlobal