Convenience Management Services, Inc. (CMSI) announces rebrand as StrasGlobal

CMSI Announces Rebrand as StrasGlobal

StrasGlobal draws on 60 year family heritage as innovators in convenience and small format site management.

Temple, TX – Convenience Management Services, Inc. (CMSI), the leading choice since 1997 for global oil brands, distressed assets managers, real estate lenders and private investors seeking a complete, turnkey retail management solution, is changing its name from CMSI to StrasGlobal. The StrasGlobal company today has been built on four Strasburger generations in the grocery, convenience and small-format retail business, and over time has been involved with almost 10,000 retail management site operations in 33 countries globally and 35 states in the U.S.

In 2012, CEO Roy Strasburger bought the company from his family to focus on small-format retail management services in the U.S.

“The decision to change our company name and rebrand as StrasGlobal reflects the trust that has been placed in our ability as the reliable stewards of our clients’ most valuable assets,” said CEO Roy Strasburger. “At StrasGlobal, our passion is applying our 60-plus years of knowledge to successfully operate convenience stores, QSR, car washes, quick lubes, and other small format coffee and food-to-go shops for companies large and small who, for various reasons, don’t have the expertise, infrastructure or desire to operate them.”

StrasGlobal has a strong legacy in the convenience and retail fuel industries, beginning in 1967 when Tommy Strasburger (Roy’s father) opened Zippy Food Stores in Temple, Texas, shortly followed by Arco dealerships in 1968. In 1986, Tommy discovered the opportunity for international growth in Australia and opened a convenience-store chain (Quix), which led to a joint venture with Mobil in Australia. Eventually, under Roy Strasburger’s visionary leadership, the company’s global retail marketing and consulting services expanded to Chile, Austria, Mexico and 27 other countries.

“I have known the Strasburger family for 54 years,” said Drayton McLane, Jr., former CEO of McLane Grocery Co., former owner of the Houston Astros and current owner of The McLane Group. “I’ve worked with them not only in Central Texas but also in the United Kingdom, Europe and Australia. Tommy and Roy Strasburger are icons in the convenience channel, as well as in Temple, where both StrasGlobal and McLane have their roots. It is no surprise that Roy is extending the Strasburger legacy by providing leadership and personal values to a business that continues to grow under Roy’s leadership.”

Since 1983, StrasGlobal has been a leader in the U.S., providing turnkey retail site contract operations, staffing services, accounting services and retail consulting. In addition, StrasGlobal’s Dealer Pro provides a fully transparent professional dealer retail operations program. The Rapid Retail program is available for landowners and property managers who have vacant space in their strip center, malls and power centers where StrasGlobal can turn vacant retail space into a vibrant customer experience.

In the past 20 years, due to owning and operating stores in the U.S. and overseas, StrasGlobal has represented the best of the convenience industry’s entrepreneurial spirit and drive for innovation. Drawing on his experience providing retail services around the world, Roy Strasburger has been able to combine his years of operations and management expertise with a team of retail, technology and operations professionals to become the industry leader in providing retail site operations.

“Throughout its history, StrasGlobal has always maintained a culture of family, open communication and connectivity,” said Roy Strasburger. “Although our staff is spread out all over the U.S., we maintain a close and interconnected work environment that supports and encourages employee collaboration across all levels of the company. This results in better support and management of our clients’ site operations, and the best customer service in the c-store industry.”

“Roy’s contribution to the NACS community has been considerable,” says Bill Douglass, CEO of Douglass Distributing, Sherman, Texas. “As Roy’s co-vice-chair of the NACS Executive Committee, I experienced firsthand Roy’s intelligence and insights. He was always willing to share his knowledge and experience about convenience retailing and international trends, which helped enhance everyone’s performance. Roy is committed to the industry and his clients.”

StrasGlobal has built on its heritage in convenience and small-format retailing to lead innovation in all aspects of retail management for single, multiple and chain store operations. StrasGlobal’s Kiosk Korner provides a professional retail offer for office buildings, apartment complex or college dorms.

“The growth of StrasGlobal business operations closely mirrors the growth of NACS and the industry as a whole,” says NACS Vice President, Strategic Industry Initiatives Jeff Lenard. “The Strasburgers were early entrants into the global marketplace and helped grow the industry to a point unrecognizable from when they started. And they also have given back to NACS: a Strasburger has served on the NACS Board of Directors in four different decades (Tommy 1975-81 and Roy 1998-2004) and Roy has shared innovations in his retail operations in the acclaimed NACS Ideas 2 Go video series, as well as served as moderator and speaker at countless NACS events.”

“We are seeing significant challenges in retailing,” said Roy Strasburger. “I am extremely proud that StrasGlobal is doing all we can to bring value to small-format retail in good times and bad.”

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