CMSI – Multiple Solutions for Retail’s Biggest Headaches

Over the last four weeks you have indulged us by letting us tell you about our new suite of programs.  We find with the more people that we work with, the more opportunities we find to make business easier for them.  Our commitment is to make retail headache free and these new programs offer economical and efficient solutions.

Our flagship program remains our Site Management program.  We can provide a turnkey solution for running a retail site.  We provide the staff, training, supervision, back office systems, environmental compliance, and all of the operational and marketing support your site needs to provide your customers with a professional retail offer and reducing your on-site exposure.  We operate the site on your behalf and represent you with every retail transaction.  Think of us as your company operations division.

Our Store Staffing program can provide just the store labor needed for operating your sites.  We relieve you of most of the operational liabilities such as employment issues, healthcare mandates, workers compensation, slip and fall, and excessive shrink and cash loss problems.  We are the ones who have to worry about cleaning the restrooms, getting the money to the bank, and making sure that the grave yard shift shows up.  No more 2am phone calls for you!

Our Accounting program provides you with complete back office accounting and financial control of your site.  We remove the cost and hassle associated with having your own accounting department and provide you with all of the financial tools a sophisticated accounting software package has available.  We are completely transparent with all of your financial information.  After all, it is your information.

Our Rapid Retail program can put a temporary retail business in vacant space that you have at your shopping mall, strip center, or power center.  With our CMSI operated retail concepts (coffee shop, yogurt store, taco stand, and convenience store) we convert dead idle space into active customer pleasing experiences.  This program had an amazing positive response when we introduced it at the 2014 ISCS Recon Expo in Las Vegas.

And our Compliance Safe program will store and track all of your important environmental records and documents and alert you when they are expiring.  Everything is available to you through a secure web link and you can print your documents and records 24/7/365.  This is an essential program for jobbers, fuel wholesalers, and financial institutions – anyone who has a financial interest in the operation of a retail site.  Never be out of compliance again.

All of these programs are available at one place – CMSI – and we do all of them on a national basis.  We are the country’s leading professional supplier of retail solutions.  We’ve been helping landowners solve their retail problems for over thirty years and have the experience and expertise to back up our reputation.  Our team is here for you.

Contact us with your retail problems and we will provide you with a sol