OnDemand – What To Do With Small Format Retail

small format retail

On December 2nd 2020, StrasGlobal participated in a special TMA (Turnaround Management Association) Town Hall on “What to Do with Small Format Retail“. This Town Hall was moderated by Kenneth R. Yager with Newpoint Advisors Corporation, and included Roy Strasburger with StrasGlobal, David Bagley with Carrac Capital Partner and Lee Harington with Ascendant Law as panelists.

StrasGlobal provides a critical service for real estate debtors and creditors with property in foreclosure. Our proven best-practices will preserve, enhance and stabilize the value of the assets involved. StrasGlobal will:

  • take over the retail management of the property
  • prepare the store for sale
  • maximize the value of the site until the asset is transferred.
  • assist in the transfer of operations and ownership to ensure that it goes as smoothly and quickly as possible.

StrasGlobal can provide a professional day-to-day store operations program to stabilize the business until its final disposition is determined. We make sure that the retail asset is protected, the cash gets to the bank, and liabilities are minimized. Our financial transparency gives clients a clear view as to how the business is performing and allows us to identify and improve deficits in operations that will help maximize sales and the value of the asset.

We are proud of our retail heritage and our reputation as a reliable steward of our clients’ most valuable assets. We know where to look for problems and what to do to fix them. Since 1983, StrasGlobal has been the leader in providing turn-key retail site contract operations, staffing services, accounting services and retail consulting across the US.

StrasGlobal can also conduct short-term turnaround programs when a business needs a new retail culture or when employee training has deteriorated. StrasGlobal undertakes projects as short as 60 – 90 days, or as long as necessary, to provide the best outcome for the asset owner or manager.

Watch the full Town Hall: ON DEMAND: TMA – What To Do With Small Format Retail

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