OnDemand – SIGMA Smart Path to Compliance

In November 2020, StrasGlobal CEO Roy Strasburger delivered a webinar entitled “Smart Path to Compliance” at SIGMA’s virtual Annual Conference.

SIGMA is the national trade association representing the most successful, progressive, and innovative fuel marketers and chain retailers in the United States and Canada. StrasGlobal currently operates fuel and convenience sites for owners nationally and is responsible for day-to-day operations, including most on-site compliance issues. (Strasburger owned 120 Quix convenience stores in Texas before selling to 7-Eleven in 2012).

The “Smart Path to Compliance” webinar addressed:

  • Five steps to the compliance cycle
  • Planning and implementation required to be in compliance—
  • Issues managing and tracking permits and licenses
    • Varied expiration dates
    • Using fragile spreadsheets, Outlook calendars and sticky notes
    • Difficulty finding permits and paperwork
    • Missed deadlines and lost paperwork create employee and owner stress

compliance safe“StrasGlobal created Compliance Safe for the stores we run, and it has many benefits that became clear right away,” says StrasGlobal President Roy Strasburger. “Compliance Safe’s intuitive, user-friendly dashboards, with automated email alerts for upcoming renewals has replaced our hard-to-maintain Excel spreadsheets. Managing paperwork is a headache for all retailers, with real risks that can potentially lead to serious disruptions in operations, shutdowns and loss of revenue. We think Compliance Safe is an essential tool for the c-store industry to avoid these headaches.”

As Roy explained in the webinar, Compliance Safe is a very useful tool for SIGMA jobber members, making sure that their dealers are compliant at their sites. In fact, Compliance Safe can be used with all types of business-critical documents whether they have an expiration/renewal date or not– permits, licenses, certifications, inspection reports, contracts, and leases.